The various misadventures of my birds: budgies Oliver, Horatio, Phineas, and Violet; Spencer the green cheek conure; and Beatrix the cockatiel. With pictures. Submit

gemcandy asked:

Oh, and happy very late birthday~

Thank you!  :D

gemcandy asked:

Will lill Phaby be included in the list of various misadventures soon?

Yes!  Thank you!  I keep thinking to myself that I need to put him on there, but then as soon as I sit down in front of the computer I forget.  -_-  I’ll do it right now!


Beatrix contemplates her portrait.

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Taking a lunch break from all the flirting. Being a lady is hard.

She works SO HARD to chew up anything in the cage that can be chewed, just like a budgie hen should, and how do they repay her?  By harassing her when she’s trying to nap and flirting with each other while she’s trying to eat.  No respect, I tell ya, no respect at all.

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How do you distract Spencer with your phone??

Two ways, mainly: 1) we have rubbery phone protector covers that he likes to chew on but that are too tough for him to actually tear pieces off of, so we let him chew on them, and 2) playing games because he likes to watch the graphics.  :D  (Sometimes he watches videos on my laptop with me, too.)

Violet eats while Horatio and Oliver flirt.

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How do you get anything done all day when you constantly have one hand occupied with cuddling a conure

It can be challenging!  :D  Fortunately, he mostly just wants to be cuddled for an hour or so during his after-dinner nap.  After that he’s happy to ride around on my shoulder while I go about my business. He does sometimes try to dive into the sink when I’m doing the dishes or steal my food when I’m preparing my lunch to take to work for the next day.  (Last night I was making low-sugar overnight pumpkin oatmeal to put in the fridge overnight, and Spencer LOVES this oatmeal, so he kept charging down my arm trying to get to the bowl regardless of how many times I told him it wasn’t ready yet and put him back on my shoulder.  Eventually Sarah had to distract him with her phone so I could finish.)

Conures, man.  They’re a handful.  Sometimes literally.

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Omigoodness…his fluff is just going to absorb your hand one day.

I think that might be his plan, since if he fuses himself to my hand, I will have no choice but to take him with me everywhere.  :D

Fluffy handful o’ borb.

Fluffy handful o’ borb.