The various misadventures of my birds: budgies Oliver, Horatio, and Violet, Spencer the green cheek conure, and Beatrix the cockatiel. With pictures. Submit

  • Spencer (loudly, excited for dinner): ACK ACK ACK ACK ACK
  • Me (imitating): "ACK ACK ACK ACK ACK". Yeah, that's what you sound like.
  • Spencer: (pauses thoughtfully)
  • Spencer (more quietly): ack ack ack ack ack

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He is so giffable!

Isn’t he??  It helps that no matter what he’s doing, he’s adorable.  Whenever I turn on the camera it’s guaranteed that he’ll be doing something cute.  :D  (I do have videos of the other birds I want to gif eventually, but they tend to be longer and would take more time to sift through and find the giffable parts.  With Phineas I just keep taking fifteen-second videos expressly for giffing.  But it WILL happen eventually, if for no other reason than that the world NEEDS a gif of Violet bathing happily in the slinky.)

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He seems amazingly comfortable, especially considering he’s a baby!

He is remarkably unconcerned about people!  He already steps up pretty well (and has already learned to hop right over my finger when I try to get him to step up and he doesn’t want to, lol), and lets me pet his beak.  He loves preening hair, as well.  After he was done licking my laptop, he hopped down next to me on the futon and was wandering around between my arm and leg, contentedly trying to eat the printed flowers off the futon cover.  I think he’s so young he just hasn’t had time to learn to be scared—he just seems to expect us to take care of him.  

He does get a little nervous in unfamiliar places, though, especially if he feels too exposed.  You’ll notice in a couple of the previous gifs he appeared to be in a kitchen cabinet, and that’s because he WAS in a kitchen cabinet, because when I put him on the counter he ran around trying to hide behind appliances, so I figured he might feel safer in a more “nest-like” area, and I was apparently right.  If I take him into the kitchen now, he will request that I put him in the kitchen cabinet by craning his neck at the cabinets and shuffling back and forth on my finger.  SO CUTE.


Here are some pictures of Beatrix doing two things she almost never does: tucking back to nap, and playing on a swing.

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Somebody with more spare time than me really needs to start a “cute birds with flower crowns” blog.

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When was in mid teens, got given a tiny albino baby budgie who’d been hand raised. Had to hand feed her baby mush with a spoon every 4 hrs. Snowy didn’t know she was a bird. Slept on my lap lying on her back or side. Still miss her >20 yrs later.

Awww, she sounds so sweet.  ;_;  I would love to have a budgie that tame.  Maybe Phineas will get close!

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(Somebody with tamer budgies than mine needs to do a YouTube series of budgies acting out famous plays.  ”Pyramus and Thisbe” always makes me think of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, which I would TOTALLY do if I thought the budgies would tolerate it, because how cute would Violet be as Titania?  I could make her a little flower crown and now I have to stop there because this is just getting too hypothetically cute.)

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Maybe she just wants to be friends, and Horatio’s having a hard time getting that. Also, poor Oliver. XD

Yeah, she appears more than willing to flock with them while Horatio’s behaving himself, but unfortunately Horatio is not known for his subtlety.  :D  And Oliver’s okay!  He really seems to enjoy that wall, and Spencer still lets Oliver flirt with him, too.  :D  Sometimes he’ll come down and flock with Horatio and Violet, so he seems to know he’s welcome down there.